Maine lakes icing out early

Maine lakes have iced out 1 to 2 weeks earlier in Spring during the years 1956 to 2015, according to this 2019 report. By the end of 2015, ice out occurred 9 to 16 days earlier, according to the report.

Researchers took data from 8 lakes and ponds in Maine: Clearwater Lake, East Grand Lake, Embden Pond, Green Lake, Nickerson Lake, Sabbatus Pond, Togus Pond, and Wilson Pond, according to the report.

The study collected data from the Maine Volunteer Lake Monitoring Program (MVLMP) in the span of 1956 to 2015, researchers said.

Local spring and winter maximum daily air temperatures increased while winter rainfall decreased, the report said.

Published by Heather Roberts

Hello, I'm a 30-something science writer. I have my bachelor's degree in communication and media, and my associate's degree in liberal studies with a science concentration.

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